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What is Multi-Level Marketing

Posted on October 10, 2019 in Uncategorized

Hello, my name is Nilso and wrote this article with the intention to elucidate the theme “Multilevel Marketing” in people’s minds. After a long time working with this business model (and after working with traditional marketing), I have no doubt that the MMN, as many call it, is a great opportunity. However, because it is very “democratic”, this opportunity attracts people of various natures, which makes often the attitudes of some harm all others.

So all a cloud of information unfounded, untrue and cheaters surround the multilevel market, causing many times it is frowned upon by those outside. But to join the industry, you will see that there are positive factors that negative, as in any other activity. By the way, the more I try to show people, especially here on the blog, is that the Multilevel Marketing is an activity like any other, nothing more than that.

I do not know if you are here alone, I was presented to the MMN by a friend, is already part of a Brand Marketing Multilevel, or even if it is a confirmed skeptic about it and just want to read a little more to get even more certain that “MLM does not work.” Well, in the latter case, I do not what to do, just say welcome to blog and use it as best I think. Even can comment on articles with their opinions against MLM, that since they do not offend anyone, they will be approved. Your opinion is your right!

The Multilevel is or is not a good deal?

But if you are a person who is interested in the sector, but goes full of doubts, which I advise you do not go through the minds of others, both by those who are against it, and by those who are blindly in favor. You are an intelligent and capable person, therefore, study, draw your own conclusions and go through his head. This is the only way in which I think the MLM can evolve: the accession of people able to think on their own.

If someone obtains an understanding that this is a big deal, much greater are the chances of that person fight to succeed. And even if it did not she understand that at some point made a failure. On the other hand, a mass of people entering the network marketing blindly, “duped” by false leaders and purely attracted by the desperate desire to get rich is the worst thing that can happen to the industry. People who start a business in these circumstances, whatever it is, most likely fail and the result is an army on the streets saying “Multilevel Marketing is a bored”.

So to begin your studies, I advise you to read this page here until the end. Then follow the links that I point out below and check reflecting the Multilevel is or is not for you. For my part, which I promise you is that I will write as unbiased blog, true and without balelas you can read about Multilevel Marketing on the Internet. At some point I may take a “escorregadinha”: lol: but then just send me an email I stand corrected. So let’s get to it: “The truth, nothing but the truth, unvarnished, on Multilevel Marketing”.

What is Multilevel Marketing

Although this is a billion dollar industry, where millions of people are part around the world, maybe you do not know what is multilevel. So, I will try with this article, you clarify about this business model, their numbers, their potential and how you too can benefit from it all. If you read this article carefully, as well as the other posts on this blog, you can identify this industry the business model with which you always dreamed. Personally, I consider this a “smart business” and, above all, very current, due to the possibility of working from home we have nowadays with the internet. Have you perceive that the multilevel is much more than money, right !? So if you search a business that gives you an enviable lifestyle, health, leisure, financial freedom and to top the risk of becoming a millionaire, welcome.

But what is MLM? This is a business strategy of distribution of goods and services, where the dissemination of products is given by the words “word of mouth” by independent distributors. For this work, such distributors receive bonuses that have been used in millions of traditional advertising campaigns. In addition to indicating the products, distributors may indicate other distributors and thus build an organization of marketing of products with unlimited possibilities of earnings.

Where does the name “Multilevel Marketing”?

This is a curiosity that few people realize. In fact, the term became popular and people just repeat it, without asking what it actually means. But “multilevel marketing” is the term used to describe the activity among the professionals, because to an outsider, he is nothing more than a sales business. But for those who are in this business, it is much more than a mere sales activity, it is a lifestyle. And since it is kids, “marketing” is the work to be done and “multilevel” is how that person will be paid. When registering a company, you will be responsible for building a hierarchical organization at various levels, hence the “mutlinivel” name. The people you refer will be the first level; the right people for whom you indicated will be your second level and so on.

Some data from the Multi-Level Marketing

The Multi-Level Marketing (MLM), also known as Network Marketing, already represents 96.7% of the $ 32.18 billion of sales in the Direct Sales industry in the United States (Source: DSA – Direct Selling Association). In Brazil, however, this wave has just begun to form. According to the latest disclosure made by ABEVD, in 2009 the sector registered a growth of 18.4% over the last year, with a turnover of R $ 21.858 billion. Brazil is already the world’s fifth largest market of Direct Sales, although the Multilevel Marketing still less than 10% of revenues. It seems little, but remember that the MLM doubled its share in the last three years and is gaining more space in the media.

Numbers of MLM in the World

In eight American households, at least one develops an activity of MLM.
American Universities now offer Multilevel Marketing courses in their curricula.
27% of US GDP comes from the MLM industry.
24% of Japan’s GDP comes from the MLM industry.
20% of American millionaires built their fortune with business based on MLM.
In the United States, companies like Coca-Cola, Colgate Palmolive, Cit Bank, among others, have their own divisions Multi-Level Marketing or use of companies in the sector structure to transport some of its product lines, with features relevant to this sales system.



Multilevel Industry Recognition

The MLM came in 1903 and in 1979 became a recognized industry when the US government understood the legitimacy of the operation of Amway Corporation, then the largest company in the industry. Since then, the MLM business model is understood as a legal way to distribute goods and compensate performances.

Commercial legitimacy of Network Marketing

For almost all countries around the world, thousands of MLM companies earn year after year, billions of dollars, with a total permissiveness by governments and bodies. It is an established industry like any other, which collects taxes, creates jobs, opportunities and wealth for people and nations.

It’s time for MLM in Brazil

Although we are still ‘dabbling’ in relation to the Multilevel Marketing, the Brazilian entrepreneur profile has been making the industry explode in recent years.

To endorse the statement that the “moment of Brazil has come,” beyond the geometric growth of traditional companies in the industry, such as Herbalife, Forever Living, Amway Corporation, among others, can also name a few giants that use this model to distribute their products, such as Unibanco and Polishop.

Internet Marketing Tips: What You Need To Know About Selling Products Online

Posted on September 2, 2019 in Uncategorized

Selling products online isn’t something that only big retailers do. There is plenty of scope for individuals to make good money.

There is no end to the amount of products that can be sold online. Just as long as there is a market for it, it can be sold. This being the case, it’s possible to tailor your business to anything that has a market that you would like to sell. Your success will depend on how well you research the market, how much demand there is for your product and of course a touch of luck. Products as diverse as children’s bicycles to food to precious stones can be sold online.

One of the big benefits of selling products online is that you won’t need the traditional sales location of a shop. You’ll just need somewhere to store your stock, and if your stock is digitally downloaded, then you won’t even really need that.

The big stores don’t usually get into specialist niches so that also provides an opportunity for financial success. Online stores don’t generally need a lot of employees either, unless you make it as big as a site like Amazon has. This means that your overheads will be considerably smaller than a traditional bricks and mortar business.

When it comes to selecting a product to sell online, there are different business models on offer. For example, you could resell a product that has been developed by somebody else, such as an ebook or a piece of software. You’ll need to know what the conditions of sale are from the original owner of the product and it’s also wise to know the product and what it can do inside and out.

Another method that makes a lot of money online is selling services. This type of work covers everything from writing articles for other companies to promote their goods online to designing smartphone applications. This is a huge variety of services that sell well – check out some of the big freelancers sites to get an idea of these.

The fundamental rule is if you can sell it, and there is a market for it – then you can start a business on it. You will need to check whether what you want to sell has any legal prohibition on it, you can do this by checking with the relevant governmental department or agency.

To get started with selling products online, the best approach is to start with research into options. Start by sitting down to brainstorm your interests and the topics that you know something about.

You should then check on forums to see what people are discussing and whether there are any products that are sought after but not met by any other businesses. There is a possibility that there could be enough demand for the type of products being demanded.

You should then check to see who is selling products online like the ones that you want to sell. Run a search on the major search engines and check out the websites that returned in the listings. Now check how many people are visiting these websites each month. If they can sell it, then there’s plenty of room for you to sell products online like these too.

Free Legal Forms Online – How To Compare Legal Form Websites

Posted on September 1, 2019 in Uncategorized

The key to finding free legal forms online is understanding the fact that most of these sites say they do not cost anything but once you look closer you realize, there are only a certain amount of no cost documents.

If you are lucky you may stumble across the exact product you need without having to pay for it. But if you are like most people, a small amount of money is going to have to be spent for quality sake. Here are some of the best “free” websites to find your document.

FindForms.com has a well designed list of categories directly on their homepage so you will not have to waste time searching around a cluttered site. Like most websites of this nature, there are just as many free legal forms as those you actually have to pull out your credit card for. Their contract law category is particularly extensive and impressive, covering various jurisdictions and states throughout the country.

FreeLegalForms.net is another site with a clean, simple design. Front and center on their homepage, you can input your search term for the exact type of document you need in the search box to look through their database. If you do not know the exact name of the form, you can choose to dig deeper with their easy to use, left navigation bar.

FormsGuru.com has a directory type of look and feel which can be overwhelming to some as literally everything is listed on the homepage. But there is also the option of using the “popular searches” section or typing in your own search term to narrow down your selection without having to scroll through the whole huge list. This site decided to either put a dollar sign or not next to each link to let you know which requires payment which is a convenient feature.

Last but not least, LegalForms.name is not the prettiest site but it actually boasts all free law forms available to anyone. The only catch is you may or may not find the product you need which is valid in your state, depending on the type of document you are looking for.

Regardless of which type of form that is needed for your situation, it is best to conduct some legal research to make sure you are receiving the appropriate document to be filed. Take advantage of free legal answer sites such as FindLaw.com, JustAnswer.com or LawGuru.com to find a lawyer’s answers to legal questions especially if you are having to pay for the form you need.


Step-Up and Drop-Ship the Top 7 Most-Bought Car Electronic Products Online

Posted on August 9, 2019 in Uncategorized

Knowledge is Power. Too cliche isn’t it? The fact of the matter is it is so true. It is always handy to know things especially when you are into business. What you know and don’t know can bring you a long way.

This doesn’t mean that you have to stick your head with books. You just have to identify which ones you should know and which are of no use. Say for instance you want to develop a business and you are very much into cars. Now, there are millions of things you can think of but don’t know where or how to start.

You may be very well adept with car brands or models and you would want to put up your own buy and sell shop. However, you will need a big capital when you set-up this one. You would also have to find a good location which will mean another cost for the leasing of the venue.

Here is a suggestion, why don’t you start with car parts or better yet car electronic products? So the big question then is what kind of car electronic products should I sell? Research and recent online statistics show the top 7 most-bought car electronic products:

1. Satellite radio (Sirius, XM)
2. DVD/Video units, in-dash
3. CD/MP3 Receivers (Pioneer, Sony)
4. Amplifiers (Rockford Fosgate)
5. 12-inch subwoofers
6. Remote smart/alarm combos
7. Speakers

The next step is to check out where to buy these products. You only have to get a few of these items to display it on your shop. If you are selling online, you will only need pictures of said products for viewing. It sounds perfect, isn’t it? The idea here is to create more time for you to sell these products rather than waste your time on how to manage your inventory. That idea is more commonly known as Drop Shipping.

Drop Shipping

In a simplified manner, drop shipping allows the retailer (that is you) to have access to a library of suppliers. When you have decided to choose a drop shipper (supplier), they will take care of everything – from the purchase to the delivery of the products directly to your customer.

Is it legal?

Yes it is but like any type of business you must be wary of scammers. Legitimate drop shippers are suppliers, manufacturers or wholesale distributors that handle your orders. By handle, it means that your orders are purchased or taken from the warehouse and ships the items to your customer. The packages or items will have your contact details so you do not have to worry about your customers going directly to your suppliers.

How do you find them?

Internet provides you the solution to your question. To help you even more, Salehoo has been created to provide retailers with a one-stop shop directory. Their suppliers are pre-screened making it easy for retailers to check out their profile. With this information, you can now gear up your shop. Let your hands stay on the wheel and your ideas be on the drive!