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The Deadly and Profitable Art of Selling Niche Products Online For Massive Cash

Posted on July 25, 2019 in Uncategorized

You have a regular desk job, but its demands are taking a toll on you and you love to look at greener pastures. Selling niche products online could be the right job for you because you can do this job from the comfort of your home, with no boss around, no driving through the maze, no parking issues, no fear of the skyrocketing gasoline price and no need for reckless driving to gain those 60 seconds to beat your login monitor.

Sounds great? But it is not as easy as you would perceive. In the first place, it is a business, your business. To be successful in any business, you need research, you should know the road blocks, and you should learn how to succeed in selling niche products online.

How can you succeed selling niche products online?

The global character of the internet makes it easy for you to identify a product in demand, and carve out a niche for yourself. Innovative products in the areas of baby care, child care, beauty, skin care, or information products relating to credit card security, online scams, etc. are some sample areas where you can create your own space for selling niche products online. Once you choose a product line, you should do thorough research to learn what most people are looking for. Each country will have its own set of rules on what can be imported in or exported out. Be sure to ensure that you are within your legal safe zone.

How to Use a Free Double Opt in Email Marketing Service to Legally Promote Your Products Online

Posted on July 24, 2019 in Uncategorized

It is important to know that spam is basically any email you receive that is promoting anything without your consent. If you have a small home based business and you think of selling or promoting your products online, you can very easily make a wrong step because you never intended any harmful action by sending out information to a few people you thought should be glad you told them about your product. It may be something that they all should have as it can save them a lot of money and frustration and….

You can fill an more reasons why they would love to hear from you and learn about your products.


The fact still remains that it is against the law to spam. For that reason you should always use a system that use permission based email marketing to promote your product. If you use a free email address to spam, normally a spam complaint should result in your email account being deleted. If you use a domain name email address for your online promotions and you disobey the CAN-SPAM act, your domain can be blacklisted. A Blacklisted domain can still send out emails but almost all internet service providers will delete your email and not pass it on to their users’ email addresses.


To legally promote anything via email, you must use permission based email marketing. At first they had two options – Single Opt In and Double Opt In. Since spammers misused the Single Opt In process to make their spamming efforts seem legal, this all changed. Now you have to use Double Opt In.

Double opt In marketing ensures that the subscriber subscribed to your list himself/herself. This is the best email marketing practice because it means that the subscriber showed interest in your product before you start your marketing campaign. Therefor such an email marketing opt in solution is not only legal but a targeted email marketing campaign should also convert better.


The best way to capture your potential customer as a lead into your mailing list in a legal way, is to either use web based email marketing software which is installed on your website, or using a web based mailing list management service. The marketing software or mailing list service is also know as an autoresponder. The autoresponder service comes with a monthly cost but you have the advantage of your lists being managed by experts in the field. Not “if” but that “when” you receive a spam complaint, you can be rest assured as they are most probably whitelisted and nothing will come from the complaint. However, having the autoresponder software installed on your website will give you only the evidence needed when when you are accused of spamming. The evidence may help you fight to get your domain whitelisted again but it will take time. Ultimately even though it may prove your innocence, may not keep you out of court.

I would much rather pay the monthly fee for a whitelisted autoresponder list management service and know my data is secure and no one can harm my online business by crying wolf.

How to Buy Pest Control Products

Posted on July 23, 2019 in Uncategorized

If you are struggling with a pest issue right now, and your over-the-counter product just is not doing the job, you may need a professional strength product instead. Now, if you are like most folks, when you have a insect issue, you go to the hardware store and buy something that says it “Kills the queen” or “Kills in seconds” and go home and unload it on your bug problem. Not so fast, it may make the situation worse. How? Well certain kinds of pests will react in a way that could cause you to see even more of them. For instance, Odorous House Ant queens will “fracture” the colony when conventional pest control products are used to try and stop an invasion from them. The result is more colonies coming at you!

Another example of do-it-yourself horror is homeowner termite control. You really need professional training or a lot of reading before attempting to tackle a termite colony. However, pest control product manufacturing companies will put termites on the the list of target pests on the label and your innocent consumer buys it not knowing that the little can they are holding will not even put a dent into a termite colony, which could number as many as one million or more. Most times a can of spray is used, it is to stop the swarmers inside the house, but they are not the ones a homeowner needs to worry about–its the ones you cannot see that are doing the damage. There is not too much over-the-counter that you can buy to fix them either, since termites most times are under your home, and without proper equipment, it is difficult to stop them.

I believe in educating before execution, and when it comes to spraying stuff in the house, this certainly applies. So how does one choose what pest control product to buy? Carefully! Do not believe that a product is right for you just because the product label has your pest listed. Talk to people in the pest control industry, or watch pest control programs online such as Dominators.TV. Then after learning more about the pest you are going to tackle, take a trip to a local pest control company that offers professional products for sale, or go online to web sites that sell pest control products online. Just a word to the wise here: Make sure that the product you are purchasing is legal in your state. Most reputable sites will note if a product is not allowed to be used in your state.


How to Start an Online Store Selling The Best Selling Products Online

Posted on July 22, 2019 in Uncategorized

Starting an online store selling the best selling products online is much more easier than what most people seem to realize, if you know how to do it in a step-by-step format.

But before you start your online business and create your company name you need to first determine which products you’re going to sell online.

This way you can give your company a name which may be related to your product line(s) and a name that tells your customers exactly what it is that you are offering on your estore.

The following product lines are the best selling products online according to the NRF/Forrester Online Retail Index, The NPD Group, The Media Metrix Online Shopping Index and other statistics providers.

Top selling products in order are:


2-Computer Hardware and Software



5-Video Games

6-Video Game Systems



9-Health and Beauty products

10-Consumer Electronics



13-Office Supplies


15-Home Décor


17-Sporting Goods



20-Tools and Garden


Then try to pick a niche product within a niche product line.

For example; Instead of selling all types of books, which is the number one selling product on the Internet, you would specialize in selling a certain category of books such as the best web design books.

Another example would be computer products. Instead of building an online super-store selling all types of computer products you would focus on a niche hot market such as digital cameras.

Lets break these steps down a little further:

1.Create your company name.

Do not make the common mistake of creating a business name too quickly and without thought. This is an important decision that takes careful consideration. You’ll want to select a name that should reflect the main product line or service of your new online store.

Do not use your own name in your business name. Make your name descriptive so that it advertises your products, or at least relates to your products or services.

2.Register your name.

3.Form your business structure; Sole Proprietorship.

Next, move is to check on the names’ availability. Contact the name search department within the Department Of Corporations for your state.

Next, select a type of legal structure for your business. There are basically three types of business structures: Sole Proprietorship, Corporation and Partnership. Sole Proprietorship being the easiest and quickest to form. Complete explanation of all of these terms can be found at [http://www.estorefronguide.com]

4.Obtain your business/occupational license.

(Only if needed in your county) Business licenses are generally issued through the city and/or county clerks office where you will need to fill out and submit an application.

5.Obtaining your resellers license (sales tax license).

Now you’ll head on over to your local State Revenue Department (IRS) to apply for your tax license, which is also known as your resellers license or dealers license.

This tax license, (resellers license), gives you the privilege to buy at wholesale from genuine wholesale distributors and sell at retail to the public. You will also have the responsibility of collecting sales tax from consumers for sales
made within your home state.

6.Choose a top-selling, niche-product market.

Choose a product line from the list above and possibly dive deeper to find your niche market. When choosing your niche market, ask yourself if there is a certain type of product that you may already be educated in or a product line that you find interesting to learn about.

It always works best when you are selling a product that you enjoy. A complete list of top selling products and subcategories can be found at [http://www.estorefronguide.com]

7.Get signed up with the distributors for those products.

It’s always a good idea to be signed up with at least 3 to 4 full-line major distributors. A complete list of the best wholesale distributors and drop-shippers can be found at

8.Read and learn as much as you can about those products.

This can be done by simply reading magazines and books which expound on your products. You can also visit the manufactures website and read more specific details about those same products as well.

9.Build your own e-store or have a design firm build it for you.

Building your own online store with FrontPage, Dreamweaver or an Adobe web dev program is the best way to go.

Most if not all service providers who offer online stores will build a database driven website which calls up the product pages on the fly, meaning you do not have a web site with many pages but instead you have a system that makes up the pages as the customers click for that product page, which is very convenient of course.

However, the problem with that type of online store is that you do not have each product page created specifically for that product and therefore the search engines will see your online store as a one to 4 page web site and not a content-rich online store with many product pages which in turn will not earn your e-store a good position with the search engines.

With a data base driven online store you can not get indexed for each product you sell because you can not create a separate page for each product and submit those pages to the search engines or allow for the spider of the search engine to index those distinctive pages.

However, an online store that has many pages, also known as a static web page web site, allows you to make a web page for each product giving the search engines more pages to feed their search engine database and helping your customers find your site when they are looking for that product.

It’s less complicated than what it sounds. But suffice it to say that it is much more better for you to build your own site, even using a professional template such as those found on TemplateMonster.com. other template providers can be found at [http://www.inet-start.com] under free and low cost web site templates.

10.Choosing your domain name.

Try to choose and register a domain name that has your most important keyword in it and your company name combined which should already be a part of your name. Always try to choose a dot.com and not a .net or .org. e.i.

11.Register your domain name

The best place to register your domain name would be with GoDaddy.com http://www.godaddy.com

12.Choose a web hosting provider and a hosting plan.

You can find a list of the top web hosting providers with the best and most affordable web hosting packages at [http://www.inet-start.com] under free and low cost web hosting.

13.Choose your web development software.

Most people choose Microsoft FrontPage, Dreamweaver or any Adobe web development program. A complete list of programs which allow you to build online stores can be found at

14.Start building your online store.

This is much more easier than what it sounds. All you have to do is design the first page one time by using your own template design or by visiting http://www.templatemonster.com

Then from there all you will need to do is add the product details and images and save each page as the name of that product. Once you build your first specification page then the rest of them will be easy to duplicate within minutes.

15.Set up your merchant account.

Most merchant account basically offer the same rates. Some offer free set up and good rates which is always the best way to go. You can find a helpful list of the best free and low cost merchant accounts here [http://www.inet-start.com]

16.Complete your online store.
17.Promote, market and advertise your e-store.

Marketing is the hardest part but if one attacks this process in every angle possible then you are more than likely to truly succeed. Meaning…

You must execute every means of effective internet marketing techniques: search engine optimization, link building, keywords, articles, press releases, creating your own news letter and collecting subscribers, Email marketing, participating in forums etc…

You have to learn and do the best you can in all of these marketing areas to truly make some serious money online.

18.Then wait for the orders to start rollin in.

Of course it’s not that simple but it can be if you just take it one step at a time. Write a simple step-by-step business plan just as what you see here. Then follow each step and then scratch it off of your list as you complete it. Before you know it you’ll be taking your first order.