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How to Buy Pest Control Products

Posted on July 23, 2019 in Uncategorized

If you are struggling with a pest issue right now, and your over-the-counter product just is not doing the job, you may need a professional strength product instead. Now, if you are like most folks, when you have a insect issue, you go to the hardware store and buy something that says it “Kills the queen” or “Kills in seconds” and go home and unload it on your bug problem. Not so fast, it may make the situation worse. How? Well certain kinds of pests will react in a way that could cause you to see even more of them. For instance, Odorous House Ant queens will “fracture” the colony when conventional pest control products are used to try and stop an invasion from them. The result is more colonies coming at you!

Another example of do-it-yourself horror is homeowner termite control. You really need professional training or a lot of reading before attempting to tackle a termite colony. However, pest control product manufacturing companies will put termites on the the list of target pests on the label and your innocent consumer buys it not knowing that the little can they are holding will not even put a dent into a termite colony, which could number as many as one million or more. Most times a can of spray is used, it is to stop the swarmers inside the house, but they are not the ones a homeowner needs to worry about–its the ones you cannot see that are doing the damage. There is not too much over-the-counter that you can buy to fix them either, since termites most times are under your home, and without proper equipment, it is difficult to stop them.

I believe in educating before execution, and when it comes to spraying stuff in the house, this certainly applies. So how does one choose what pest control product to buy? Carefully! Do not believe that a product is right for you just because the product label has your pest listed. Talk to people in the pest control industry, or watch pest control programs online such as Dominators.TV. Then after learning more about the pest you are going to tackle, take a trip to a local pest control company that offers professional products for sale, or go online to web sites that sell pest control products online. Just a word to the wise here: Make sure that the product you are purchasing is legal in your state. Most reputable sites will note if a product is not allowed to be used in your state.