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How to Use a Free Double Opt in Email Marketing Service to Legally Promote Your Products Online

Posted on July 24, 2019 in Uncategorized

It is important to know that spam is basically any email you receive that is promoting anything without your consent. If you have a small home based business and you think of selling or promoting your products online, you can very easily make a wrong step because you never intended any harmful action by sending out information to a few people you thought should be glad you told them about your product. It may be something that they all should have as it can save them a lot of money and frustration and….

You can fill an more reasons why they would love to hear from you and learn about your products.


The fact still remains that it is against the law to spam. For that reason you should always use a system that use permission based email marketing to promote your product. If you use a free email address to spam, normally a spam complaint should result in your email account being deleted. If you use a domain name email address for your online promotions and you disobey the CAN-SPAM act, your domain can be blacklisted. A Blacklisted domain can still send out emails but almost all internet service providers will delete your email and not pass it on to their users’ email addresses.


To legally promote anything via email, you must use permission based email marketing. At first they had two options – Single Opt In and Double Opt In. Since spammers misused the Single Opt In process to make their spamming efforts seem legal, this all changed. Now you have to use Double Opt In.

Double opt In marketing ensures that the subscriber subscribed to your list himself/herself. This is the best email marketing practice because it means that the subscriber showed interest in your product before you start your marketing campaign. Therefor such an email marketing opt in solution is not only legal but a targeted email marketing campaign should also convert better.


The best way to capture your potential customer as a lead into your mailing list in a legal way, is to either use web based email marketing software which is installed on your website, or using a web based mailing list management service. The marketing software or mailing list service is also know as an autoresponder. The autoresponder service comes with a monthly cost but you have the advantage of your lists being managed by experts in the field. Not “if” but that “when” you receive a spam complaint, you can be rest assured as they are most probably whitelisted and nothing will come from the complaint. However, having the autoresponder software installed on your website will give you only the evidence needed when when you are accused of spamming. The evidence may help you fight to get your domain whitelisted again but it will take time. Ultimately even though it may prove your innocence, may not keep you out of court.

I would much rather pay the monthly fee for a whitelisted autoresponder list management service and know my data is secure and no one can harm my online business by crying wolf.