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Step-Up and Drop-Ship the Top 7 Most-Bought Car Electronic Products Online

Posted on August 9, 2019 in Uncategorized

Knowledge is Power. Too cliche isn’t it? The fact of the matter is it is so true. It is always handy to know things especially when you are into business. What you know and don’t know can bring you a long way.

This doesn’t mean that you have to stick your head with books. You just have to identify which ones you should know and which are of no use. Say for instance you want to develop a business and you are very much into cars. Now, there are millions of things you can think of but don’t know where or how to start.

You may be very well adept with car brands or models and you would want to put up your own buy and sell shop. However, you will need a big capital when you set-up this one. You would also have to find a good location which will mean another cost for the leasing of the venue.

Here is a suggestion, why don’t you start with car parts or better yet car electronic products? So the big question then is what kind of car electronic products should I sell? Research and recent online statistics show the top 7 most-bought car electronic products:

1. Satellite radio (Sirius, XM)
2. DVD/Video units, in-dash
3. CD/MP3 Receivers (Pioneer, Sony)
4. Amplifiers (Rockford Fosgate)
5. 12-inch subwoofers
6. Remote smart/alarm combos
7. Speakers

The next step is to check out where to buy these products. You only have to get a few of these items to display it on your shop. If you are selling online, you will only need pictures of said products for viewing. It sounds perfect, isn’t it? The idea here is to create more time for you to sell these products rather than waste your time on how to manage your inventory. That idea is more commonly known as Drop Shipping.

Drop Shipping

In a simplified manner, drop shipping allows the retailer (that is you) to have access to a library of suppliers. When you have decided to choose a drop shipper (supplier), they will take care of everything – from the purchase to the delivery of the products directly to your customer.

Is it legal?

Yes it is but like any type of business you must be wary of scammers. Legitimate drop shippers are suppliers, manufacturers or wholesale distributors that handle your orders. By handle, it means that your orders are purchased or taken from the warehouse and ships the items to your customer. The packages or items will have your contact details so you do not have to worry about your customers going directly to your suppliers.

How do you find them?

Internet provides you the solution to your question. To help you even more, Salehoo has been created to provide retailers with a one-stop shop directory. Their suppliers are pre-screened making it easy for retailers to check out their profile. With this information, you can now gear up your shop. Let your hands stay on the wheel and your ideas be on the drive!